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Continuous Integration

oCIS uses DRONE as CI system. You can find the pipeline logs here or in your PR.


The pipeline is defined in Starlark and transformed to YAML upon pipeline run. This enables us to do a highly dynamic and non repeating pipeline configuration. We enforce Starlark format guidelines with Bazel Buildifier. You can format the .drone.star file by running make ci-format.

Upon running the pipeline, your branch gets merged to the master branch. This ensures that we always test your changeset if as it was applied to the master of oCIS. Please note that this does not apply to the pipeline definition (.drone.star).

Things done in CI

  • static code analysis
  • linting
  • running UI tests
  • running ownCloud 10 test suite against oCIS
  • build and release docker images
  • build and release binaries
  • build and release documentation

Flags in commit message and PR title

You may add flags to your commit message or PR title in order to speed up pipeline runs and take load from the CI runners.

  • [CI SKIP]: no CI is run on the commit or PR

  • [full-ci]: deactivates the fail early mechanism and runs all available test (as default only smoke tests are run)

Knowledge base

  • My pipeline fails because some CI related files or commands are missing.

    Please make sure to rebase your branch onto the latest master of oCIS. It could be that the pipeline definition (.drone.star) was changed on the master branch. This is the only file, that will not be auto merged to master upon pipeline run. So things could be out of sync.

  • How can I see the YAML drone pipeline definition?

    In order to see the Yaml pipeline definition you can use the drone-cli to convert the Starlark file.

    drone starlark

    If you experience a "build" struct has no .title attribute you need a newer version of drone-cli.

    You currently need to build it yourself from this source code. If you are not using master as source, please ensure that this PR is included.