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Releasing ownCloud Web

OwnCloud Web can be hosted standalone, as ownCloud 10 app or as part of oCIS.


We follow the Semantic Versioning scheme. Therefore, each change is of one of the possible types: Bugfix, Change, Enhancement, Security.

The highest type before a new release determines the version update number, so if it’s only Bugfix and Security changes the next release will be a PATCH version bump, if there’s at least one Enhancement within the changes this leads to a MINOR version bump, while Change type changes make for a new MAJOR release version.

Release Guide

  1. Create a branch release-$version in https://github.com/owncloud/web.
  2. Create a folder in changelog for the release version and date mkdir $major.$minor.$patchVersion_YYYY-MM-DD.
  3. Move all changelog items from the changelog/unreleased/ folder to the $major.$minor.$patchVersion_YYYY-MM-DD folder.
  4. Update the version in packages/web-integration-oc10/appinfo/info.xml
  5. Update the version in package.json
  6. Commit your changes.
  7. After merging, wait for the CI to run on the merge commit.
  8. Go to the Releases section and click “Draft a new Release”.
  9. Use v$major.$minor.$patch as a tag (the v prefix is important) and publish it.
  10. The tag and the Release artifacts will be created automatically.

Next steps