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Request Flow

Request Flow

The following sequence diagram describes the general request flow. It shows where account provisioning and token minting are happening:

    %% we have comments!! \o/
    participant user as User
    participant client as Client
    participant proxy as ocis-proxy
    participant idp as IdP
    participant accounts as ocis-accounts
    participant ldap as corporate LDAP server

    user->>+client: What is the content of my home?

        client->>+proxy: PROPFIND 
Bearer auth using oidc auth token Note over client,proxy: What is in a bearer token?
The spec recommends opaque tokens.
Treat it as random byte noise. Note over client,proxy: the proxy MUST authenticate users
using ocis-accounts because it needs
to decide where to send the request %% Mention introspection endpoint for opaque tokens %% idp uses jwt, so we can save a request %% either way the token can be used to look up the sub and iss of the user %% or is token check enough? proxy->>+idp: GET /userinfo alt userinfo succeeds idp-->>proxy: 200 OK Note over proxy,accounts: Content-Type: application/json
"sub": "248289761001",
"name": "Jane Doe",
"given_name": "Jane",
"family_name": "Doe",
"preferred_username": "j.doe",
"email": "janedoe@example.com",
"picture": "http://example.com/janedoe/me.jpg"
} %% see: https://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html#UserInfoResponse else userinfo fails idp-->>-proxy: 401 Unauthorized Note over proxy,accounts: WWW-Authenticate: error="invalid_token",
error_description="The Access Token expired" proxy-->>client: 401 Unauthorized or
302 Found with redirect to idp Note over client: start at login flow
or refresh the token end proxy->>+accounts: TODO API call to exchange sub@iss with account UUID Note over proxy,accounts: does not autoprovision users. They are explicitly provisioned later. alt account exists or has been migrated accounts-->>proxy: existing account UUID else account does not exist opt oc10 endpoint is configured Note over proxy,oc10: Check if user exists in oc10 proxy->>+oc10: GET /apps/graphapi/v1.0/users/<uuid> opt user exists in oc10 oc10-->>-proxy: 200 %% TODO auth using internal token proxy->>+oc10: PROPFIND Note over proxy,oc10: forward existing bearer auth oc10-->>-proxy: Multistatus response proxy-->>client: Multistatus response client-->>user: List of Files X, Y, Z ... end end Note over proxy,accounts: provision a new account including displayname, email and sub@iss
TODO only if the user is allowed to login, based on group
membership in the ldap server proxy->>proxy: generate new uuid proxy->>+accounts: TODO create account with new generated uuid accounts-->>-proxy: OK / error else account has been disabled accounts-->>-proxy: account is disabled proxy-->>client: 401 Unauthorized or
302 Found with redirect to idp Note over client: start at login flow
or refresh the token end proxy->>proxy: store uuid in context %% what if oc10 does not support a certain request / API proxy->>proxy: mint an internal jwt that includes the UUID and username using revas `x-access-token` header proxy->>+reva: PROPFIND
Token auth using internal JWT reva-->>-proxy: Multistatus response proxy-->>-client: Multistatus response client-->>-user: List of Files X, Y, Z ...