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Deploy as an app in ownCloud 10

The ownCloud Web is being deployed as an app to ownCloud marketplace to enable easy early integration into existing ownCloud 10 instances. After completing this setup, ownCloud Web will be available on https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/web.


Deploying ownCloud Web

Download the ownCloud Web app from the marketplace and enable it:

occ market:install web

Configure oauth2

Within the Admin page of ownCloud 10, head into User Authentication and add a new client with arbitrary name (e.g. ownCloud Web) and redirection URL https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/web/oidc-callback.html.

Example OAuth2 entry

Configure ownCloud 10

To display ownCloud Web in the app switcher and to redirect all private and public links to the new WebUI, add the following config into config/config.php:

'web.baseUrl' => 'https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/web',

Configure ownCloud Web

There are a few config values which need to be set in order for ownCloud Web to work correctly. Please copy the example config below into config/config.json and adjust it for your environment:

  "server" : "https://<your-owncloud-server>",
  "theme": "owncloud",
  "auth": {
    "clientId": "<client-id-from-oauth2>",
    "url": "https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/oauth2/api/v1/token",
    "authUrl": "https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/oauth2/authorize"
  "apps" : [
  "applications" : [
      "title": {
        "en": "Classic Design",
        "de": "Dateien",
        "fr": "Fichiers",
        "zh_CN": "文件"
      "icon": "switch_ui",
      "url": "http://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/apps/files"
      "icon": "application",
      "menu": "user",
      "target": "_self",
      "title": {
        "de": "Einstellungen",
        "en": "Settings"
      "url": "https://<your-owncloud-server>/index.php/settings/personal"
config parameter explanation
server ownCloud 10 server address
theme Theme to be used in ownCloud Web pointing to a json file inside of themes folder
auth.clientId Client ID received when adding ownCloud Web in the User Authentication section in Admin
apps List of internal extensions to be loaded
applications Additional apps and links to be displayed in the application switcher or in the user menu
applications[0].title Visible title in the application switcher or user menu, localizable
applications[1].menu Use user to move the menu item into the user menu. Defaults to app switcher
It is important that you don’t edit or place the config.json within the app folder. If you do, the integrity check of the app will fail and raise warnings.

Accessing ownCloud Web

After following all the steps, you should see a new entry in the application switcher called New Design which points to the ownCloud web.

ownCloud 10 application switcher