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Developer Documentation

Welcome to our developer documentation. Here you can find developer documentation on:

We love open source

The oCIS server is Apache v2 licensed. The lower storage layer of oCIS is defined by the CS3 APIs and implemented in the REVA project. Our goal is to develop the CS3 APIs to an open standard and collaborate on the open source REVA reference implementation for CS3 APIs.

You can also find all client sources on GitHub.

Join the oCIS Community

The server repository on GitHub is a good entry point to the oCIS project. In addition to that there are also ownCloud projects for clients for iOS, Android, the major Desktop platforms and ownCloud Web.

To chat about development, join our public chat

If you want to help and improve ownCloud or oCIS, start coding or open issues on GitHub in the related repository.

We are very happy to hear your feedback and ideas!