Deployments scenarios and examples

This section handles deployments and operations for admins and people who are interested in how versatile oCIS is. If you want to just try oCIS you may also follow Getting started.

Setup oCIS on your server

oCIS deployments are super simple, yet there are many configurations possible for advanced setups.

Migrate an existing ownCloud 10

You can run ownCloud 10 and oCIS together. This allows you to use new parts of oCIS already with ownCloud 10 and also to have a smooth transition for users from ownCloud 10 to oCIS.

Secure an oCIS instance

Change default secrets

oCIS uses two system users which are needed for being operational:

  • Reva Inter Operability Platform (bc596f3c-c955-4328-80a0-60d018b4ad57)
  • Kopano IDP (820ba2a1-3f54-4538-80a4-2d73007e30bf)

Both have simple default passwords which need to be changed. Currently, changing a password is only possible on the command line. You need to run ocis accounts update --password <new-password> <id> for both users.

The new password for the Reva Inter Operability Platform user must be made available to oCIS by using the environment variable STORAGE_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD. The same applies to the new Kopano IDP user password, which needs do be made available to oCIS in IDP_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD.

Furthermore, oCIS uses a shared secret to sign JWT tokens for inter service authorization, which also needs to be changed by the user. You can change it by setting the OCIS_JWT_SECRET environment variable for oCIS to a random string.

Delete demo users

Before deleting the demo users mentioned below, you must create a new account for yourself and assign it to the administrator role.

oCIS ships with a few demo users besides the system users:

  • Admin (ddc2004c-0977-11eb-9d3f-a793888cd0f8)
  • Albert Einstein (4c510ada-c86b-4815-8820-42cdf82c3d51)
  • Richard Feynman (932b4540-8d16-481e-8ef4-588e4b6b151c)
  • Maurice Moss (058bff95-6708-4fe5-91e4-9ea3d377588b)
  • Marie Curie (f7fbf8c8-139b-4376-b307-cf0a8c2d0d9c)

You can view them in ownCloud Web if you log in as Admin user or list them by running ocis accounts list. After adding your own user it is safe to delete the demo users in the web UI or with the command ocis accounts remove <id>. Please do not delete the system users (see change default secrets) or oCIS will not function properly anymore.