It is possible to customise certain parts of the File Picker with the help of props.


File picker comes in two different variations - File Picker and Location Picker. To specify which one should be used, set property variation to resource or location.

File Picker

File picker variation is used to select resources from within your ownCloud instace. It is possible to select multiple files and folders.

Location Picker

Location picker variation is used to select location inside of your ownCloud instance. It is only possible to select one folder.


If you do not wish to include the default File Picker actions (select and cancel), you can hide both of them.


Select resources/location button can be hidden by setting prop isSelectBtnDisplayed to false.


Hiding Cancel button slightly differes to the Select button. If you do not wish to display the cancel button, simply leave out any value for prop cancelBtnLabel and the component will be hidden by default.