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Component reference



Property Type Default Description
variation String Specifies if File Picker (resource) or Location Picker (location) should be used
configLocation String window.location.origin + '/file-picker-config.json' Defines where the config file should be located
bearerToken String null Bearer token used for requests authentication. If specified, authorization step is skipped
configObject `String Object`
isSdkProvided Boolean false Asserts whether ownCloud SDK is already initialised in the consuming app
selectBtnLabel String null Replaces the select button label
isSelectBtnDisplayed Boolean true Asserts whether the select button should be displayed
cancelBtnLabel String nulll Displays the cancel button and uses the given value as a label
isOdsProvided Boolean false Asserts whether the ownCloud Design System has been already initialised in the consuming app
locale String null Sets the language in which the File Picker should be displayed. If omitted, the browser language will be used
isInitialFocusEnabled Boolean false Enables focusing last item of breadcrumbs after the first folder has been loaded


Event Arguments Description
update Resources array Emitted when any resource is selected or deselected or if a folder has been loaded in location picker
select Resources array Emitted when the select button is clicked
cancel Native click event object Emitted when the cancel button is clicked
folderLoaded Current folder object Emitted when loading of a folder has ended