Getting Started




Source code

The source code is hosted at Please refer to the build documentation for Web.


Depending on the backend you are using, there are sample config files provided in the config folder of the ownCloud Web git repository. See below for available backends. Also, find some of the configuration details below.


  • options.hideSearchBar Lets you hide the search bar at the top of the screen for all users.
  • options.homeFolder You can specify a folder that is used when the user navigates home. Navigating home gets triggered by clicking on the All files menu item. The user will not be jailed in that directory. It simply serves as a default location. You can either provide a static location, or you can use variables of the user object to come up with a user specific home path. This uses twig template variable style and allows you to pick a value or a substring of a value of the authenticated user. Examples are /Shares, /{{.Id}} and /{{substr 0 3 .Id}}/{{.Id}.
  • options.disablePreviews Set this option to true to disable previews in all the different file listing views. The only list view that is not affected by this is the trash bin, as that doesn’t allow showing previews at all.

Setting up backend and running

Web can run against either ownCloud 10 as backend or OCIS. Depending which one you chose, please check the matching section: