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The next generation Web Frontend is shipped as an oCIS Extension. The ocis-web extension is also embedded in the single binary and part of the ocis server command.

To update this package within all the deliveries, we need to update the package in the following chain from the bottom to the top.

Package Hierarchy


Before updating the assets, make sure that ownCloud Web has been released first and take note of its release tag name.

Updating ocis-web

  1. Create a branch update-web-$version in the ocis repository
  2. Change into web package folder via cd web
  3. Inside web/, update the Makefile so that the WEB_ASSETS_VERSION variable references the currently released version of https://github.com/owncloud/web
  4. Move to the changelog (cd ../changelog/) and add a changelog file to the unreleased/ folder (You can copy an old web release changelog item as a template)
  5. Move to the repo root (cd ..)and update the WEB_COMMITID in the /.drone.env file to the commit id from the released version (unless the existing commit id is already newer)
  6. Optional: Test the changes locally by running cd ocis && go run cmd/ocis/main.go server, visiting https://localhost:9200 and confirming everything renders correctly
  7. Commit your changes, push them and create a PR