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Currently, every service needs to be configured with a port so oCIS can start them on localhost. We will automate this by using a service registry for more services, until eventually only the proxy has to be configured with a public port.

For now, the storage service uses these ports to preconfigure those services:

port service
9109 health, used by cli?
9140 frontend
9141 frontend debug
9142 gateway
9143 gateway debug
9144 users
9145 users debug
9146 authbasic
9147 authbasic debug
9148 authbearer
9149 authbearer debug
9150 sharing
9151 sharing debug
9154 storage home grpc
9155 storage home http
9156 storage home debug
9157 storage users grpc
9158 storage users http
9159 storage users debug
9160 groups
9161 groups debug
9164 storage appprovider
9165 storage appprovider debug
9178 storage public link
9179 storage public link data
9215 storage meta grpc
9216 storage meta http
9217 storage meta debug