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In the context of this extension and oCIS in general, we are using the following terminology.


  • System configuration
  • e.g. service host names and ports
  • Changes need to be propagated to other services
  • Typically modified on the CLI


  • Application level settings
  • e.g. default language
  • Can be modified at runtime without restarting the service
  • Typically modified in the UI


  • User settings
  • Subset of “Settings”
  • e.g. preferred language of a user

Settings Bundle

  • Collection of related settings
  • Registered by an oCIS extension

Settings Value

  • Manifestation of a setting for a specific user
  • E.g. used for customization (at runtime) in ocis-web
  • ocis-web-settings extension for modifying settings values is provided by this service
  • Can be queried and modified by other oCIS extensions