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Our default IDP UI is built with the LibreGraph Connect React app. Even though this app comes already with a simple theming options, we have compiled our own edited version of the app with more advanced changes than the default theming offers. Because of that, it is not possible at the moment to do any kind of easy theming and including custom theme means again compiling custom assets.

Customizing assets

Depending on what changes you wish to do with the theme, there are several files you can edit. All of them are located in the idp/ui folder.

Static assets

If you wish to add static assets like images, CSS, etc., you can add them to idp/ui/public/static. The public folder also contains the index.html file which can be adjusted to your needs.


LibreGraph Connect is built with kpop, a collection of React UI components. To include any custom styles on top of that collection, you can define them in the idp/ui/src/app.css file. These rules will take precedence over the kpop.


Layouts of all pages are located in the idp/ui/src/containers folder. By editing any of files in that folder, you can do any kind of changes in the layout and create advanced themes. It is, however, important to be careful when touching this code as it imports also actions which are responsible for the login flow.

What pages to theme

  • Login
    • Login - login form used to authenticate the users
    • Consent - consent page used to authorise apps for already signed in users
    • Chooseaccount - page with a list of accounts to choose from
  • Goodbye
    • Goodbyescreen - goodbye message displayed to users after they signed out
  • Welcome
    • Welcomescreen - welcome message displayed to users after they signed in


idp/ui/src/components folder contains all custom components which are then imported into containers.


Every image placed in idp/ui/src/images can be directly import into components or containers and will be optimized when compiling assets.


If you need to edit or add new locales, you can do so with json files in the idp/ui/src/locales folder. If adding new locale, make sure to add it also in the index.js file in the same folder.

Building assets

In order to build all assets, run yarn build in the idp folder. This script will compile all assets and output them into idp/assets folder.

At this point, you have two possible ways how to deploy your new theme:

  • run make generate in the root folder of your oCIS clone and generate the new assets
  • start the IDP service directly with custom assets by specifying the env var IDP_ASSET_PATH